Auto-Adjust is a novel, highly-innovative patented pedicle screw that gives Safe Orthopaedics access to the spinal trauma market, estimated at €800m worldwide. This implant is designed to simplify surgical repair of vertebral fractures and facilitate the restoration of sagittal balance.

Auto-Adjust is a multi-axial screw that helps position the rods but operates like a fixed-head screw to realign the spine. This system provides gradual and automatic fracture reduction, with a surgical procedure identical to that of standard spinal fusion.

Mainly caused by a trauma, spinal fractures require swift surgical treatment. The new Auto-Adjust pedicle screw, combined with its single-use sterile instruments, is ready for use at all times and thus eliminates unnecessary delays.

To date, 8 surgeries have been performed in France and the Netherlands, two of them through a percutaneous approach.

Yves Vignancour, CEO of Safe Orthopaedics concluded: "The abilities of our new Auto-Adjust implant are very promising: not only does it make surgery safer, it also optimizes it and thus delivers greater benefits to the patient. With Auto-Adjust, Safe Orthopaedics is continuing to innovate by providing unequalled and patented solutions to help spine surgeons. After Europe, we expect to make Auto-Adjust available in the US before the end of the year."