The glycans, which are sugar chains composed of linear and/or branched sequences of several carbohydrates, on glycoproteins are classified as N-glycans or O-glycans according to their attachment site in proteins.

The BlotGlyco O-Glycan Sample Preparation Kit comprises O-Glycan Releasing Reagent and BlotGlyco 3 beads.

The O-glycans released as a result of a chemical treatment with an ammonium salt during the glycosylation are enhanced using BlotGlyco beads that can be detected with HPLC, LC-MS, MALDI-TOF MS or CE using customer’s choice of label.

BlotGlyco is a polymer bead with dense hydrazide groups which allows selective purification of sugars, by forming a reversible covalent bond.

The characterization of changes in glycosylation associated with cancer and chronic inflammation can result in new therapeutic and diagnostic strategies.

In biotherapeutics development, such as antibody drugs, glycans are found to influence their yield, efficacy, immunogenicity and stability of the biotherapeutic agent.