R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company (RRD) (NYSE: RRD), a leading global provider of marketing and business communications services, today announced Care Kits by RRD to help healthcare companies adapt to industry changes and demonstrate their commitment to member and patient wellness.

Building on the success of RRD’s diagnostic test kits, the company now offers a wide range of diverse care kits spanning telemedicine prep, COVID-19, diabetes management, asthma, social isolation and more. The end-to-end solution encompasses kit ideation, design, item procurement, packaging, fulfillment and communications — both inside and outside of the box. RRD has already curated nearly three million care kits on behalf of several dozen clients.

A recent Wellframe study found 57% of Americans with chronic conditions have delayed healthcare services and experienced a gap in care due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, the 2021 Medicare Shopping and Switching Study found the use of care kits can help positively impact member impressions. In fact, 59% of Medicare Advantage members said receiving COVID-19 or flu kits improved their opinion of an insurer, demonstrating the ability of care kits to reaffirm company commitment to member and patient wellness.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the delay of healthcare services for many individuals managing chronic conditions, making it extremely difficult for them to adhere to their care plans,” said Nicole Williams, Vice President of Go-To-Market Strategy, RRD Healthcare Solutions. “At the same time, healthcare organizations find themselves in completely new territory, looking for new ways to deliver care to members from a distance. Healthcare payers and providers can now supplement in-person healthcare services and keep patients and members healthy by delivering tools and resources to their homes. RRD is proud to play a critical role in helping people adhere to care plans with our care kits.”

Each kit contains products that are carefully sourced and evaluated for quality, meeting the exact needs of an individual patient or member. One kit offered by RRD’s scalable solution is the “Healthy Mom Kit,” which includes prenatal vitamins, nausea treatment, a pregnancy journal, belly butter, antacids, a belly band and compression socks. The “COVID Care Kit” provides patients and members with facemasks, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, facial tissue, a digital thermometer and a COVID-19 home test kit.

The development and execution of these kits involves a high level of supply chain complexity, including secure PHI (Protected Health Information) handling, component and commodity shortages and logistical planning.

“With RRD’s existing supply chain solutions and facilities that are equipped to handle FDA regulated items and PHI, we are uniquely positioned to address healthcare industry challenges, such as compliance, cost and speed to market, with ease,” said Ken Gammon, Vice President, RRD Healthcare Solutions. “With close to three million care kits already executed by our team in a three-month period, we are eager to continue working with our clients in the healthcare space to provide critical care tools to those who need it most.”

Source: Company Press Release