Featuring the power of up to six location technologies, GoSafe gives seniors the assurance to get up and go while being protected by the 24/7, U.S.- based emergency call response center which protects more seniors than any other medical alert service.

Philips is the only mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) to utilize this "hybrid" locating approach, which allows response center associates to locate seniors in need of assistance even in areas where GPS may not be available, such as indoors or in a parking garage.

"The tools and technology Philips Lifeline has developed enable people to have greater independence while managing their own health care," said Kimberly O’Loughlin, General Manager for Philips Lifeline.

"Our connected solutions offer customers mobile protection so that they may feel confident while staying active and being the places where they want and need to be — from walking the dog and exercising, to fishing, taking a trip to the mall or visiting family and friends."

GoSafe’s built-in AutoAlert fall detection technology can automatically call for help if it detects a fall, providing protection even if the senior is unable to call on their own. Whether the wearer experiences a fall, a health emergency, or even a minor assistance need such as being locked outside of their house, GoSafe enables help to arrive quickly when and where it is needed.

"We have known for 20 years that falls are common, expensive and that many falls are preventable," said Dorothy Baker, Ph.D., Yale University School of Medicine.

The GoSafe system utilizes an in-home communicator to optimize in-home performance, and the GoSafe pendant can be charged while worn, providing continuous protection for the wearer.

GoSafe’s advanced technology is delivered in an intuitive, user-friendly design that was recognized in 2014 with an iF Gold Product Award and Red Dot Product Design Award.

Joining Lifeline with AutoAlert and the Philips Lifeline response app, GoSafe is the latest in Philips Lifeline’s suite of solutions designed to empower seniors to age safely and independently while providing their families with peace of mind.