HeartStart FR3 features easy to access, pre-connected peel and place pads which automatically powers on when the device carry case is opened, thus enabling speed therapy delivery.

The HeartStart FR3 is designed with a bright, high-resolution, color LCD that provides visible prompts for easier use in noisy environments.

It also includes a CPR metronome that keeps the beat for consistent chest compressions; and bilingual configurability so that voice and text prompts can be clearly understood by a variety of responders.

Philips said its Smart Pads III are compatible for use with Philips HeartStart FR2-series and work with Philips monitor/defibrillators, including HeartStart MRx, for easy hand-off which makes it easier for programs to standardize on one pad set.

The HeartStart FR3 when inserted into infant/child key automatically decreases the defibrillation therapy and implements the configured infant/child CPR protocols.