Rosetta Genomics said that the ongoing study is designed to examine the ability of miRview mets to identify the primary origin of metastases in patients with cancer of unknown primary (CUP). This was achieved by correlating the predicted primary origin assigned by miRview mets with the comprehensive diagnostic work-up conducted at MDACC, which included surgical pathology, laboratory tests, imaging and a treatment-response follow-up.

According to the study, out of the 89 patient participants in the study to date, the data demonstrated that miRview mets was able to identify the most likely origin of metastases origin in 84% of the 62 cases that were successfully processed.

Rosetta Genomics said that miRview are a series of microRNA-based diagnostic tests developed by Rosetta Genomics. miRview mets accurately identifies the primary tumor site in metastatic cancer and Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) patients.

Kenneth Berlin, president and CEO of Rosetta Genomics, said: “The performance of our miRview mets test, as validated by the MDA clinicians, matched the results we achieved in our validation study for the assay, and demonstrates how well the test performs in the ‘real world clinical setting.’

“During this study, miRview mets has provided MDACC’s clinicians with valuable information critical to the optimal treatment of CUP patients. The results of this study are a testament to the overall scientific strength of Rosetta’s microRNA platform technology to discover, develop and commercialize clinically useful biomarkers.”