Molecular diagnostics provider Rosetta Genomics has signed an agreement with America’s Choice Provider Network (ACPN) to provide its entire suite of diagnostic tests and services.

The deal enables ACPN members to have health insurance access to Rosetta’s entire suite of diagnostic tests and services.

As per terms of the deal, Rosetta and its subsidiary CynoGen will provide microRNA testing services, as well as entire menu of diagnostic tests and services to around 22 million members of ACPN.

Rosetta Genomics president and CEO Kenneth Berlin said: "With the addition of ACPN to our growing list of established health insurance providers, more than 150 million Americans now have access to our entire suite of high-value diagnostic tests and services."

ACPN COO Seth Breeden said: "Rosetta Genomics is a leader in molecular diagnostics and this partnership highlights our commitment to include progressive, cutting-edge companies and technologies in our national provider network."

In February 2015, Rosetta Genomics established co-promotional commercial partnership with Precipio Diagnostics for the sales and marketing of Precipio’s oncology tests, which include bone marrow and peripheral blood testing for hematological malignancies such as leukemias and lymphomas.

ACPN is an independent and multispecialty national provider network that carries out operations in all 50 US states, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Guam, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Rosetta is involved in developing and commercializing microRNA-based and other molecular diagnostics tests.