As part of Roche, RALS will remain a vendor-neutral IT connectivity solution and Roche will continue to expand the number of device interfaces available, enabling customers to streamline POC management in their hospitals.

Roche Diagnostics develops and commercializes solutions in the field of serum-based laboratory and POC testing, including CoaguChek and Accu-Chek brand products.

They are used with the RALS information management systems by healthcare professionals to monitor coagulation and blood glucose at the point of care across the US.

Roche Diagnostics Global Platforms and Support head Peter Finckh said that the acquisition of RALS assets is a perfect fit with their strategy to deliver IT connectivity solutions and further complements their IT product portfolio.

“With this acquisition, we gain a very talented group of people with strong expertise and domain knowledge in POC IT, which we expect to be instrumental in delivering future generations of POC -IT solutions in collaboration with existing forces,” Finckh said.

The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and upon closing, the legal entity MAS will be renamed.