The new Accu-Chek Smart Pix diabetes management system displays results from blood glucose meter or insulin pump into easy-to-understand charts on the computer. Tight glucose management is still the best way to manage fluctuations in blood sugar levels which can lead to complications like blindness and amputation for the people diagnosed with diabetes. Patients can create reports, easily spot out-of-range readings and track patterns with Smart Pix.

Empowering a person with diabetes to manage their condition closely can make a huge difference to that person’s life, commented Dr Iain Cranston, Clinical Director from Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth. Smart Pix enables patients to take control at home, as they can track their blood sugar levels and spot any trends through easy-to-read colourful graphics, thus avoiding the use of paper records. The patient is then able to see how alterations to their diet or lifestyle affect their condition and reap the long-term benefits of those intelligent choices. As a healthcare professional, I warmly welcome this device which provides actionable information, making consultations with patients more effective.