Navify Tumor Board is a cloud-based software solution, which streamlines and standardizes preparation, facilitation and documentation of treatment decisions by oncology care teams.

Navify Decision Support portfolio was developed to allow healthcare professionals navigate the increasing complexity of medical and scientific information by revamping large amounts of data into actionable insight.

Roche Diagnostics CEO Michael Heuer said: “This new version of NAVIFY Tumor Board is the first product developed in partnership with GE Healthcare and demonstrates our shared vision of accelerating personalised healthcare.

“Our mutual focus is on delivering clinical decision support solutions that enable healthcare professionals to make faster, more confident decisions, allowing more personalized treatment based on truly integrated diagnostics.”

Navify Tumor Board 2.0 solution integrates medical image viewing and storage capabilities with other patient data to help multi-disciplinary teams determine treatment plans for cancer patients, allowing to provide more comprehensive view of each patient in one place.

The incorporation of GE Healthcare’s medical image viewer into Navify Tumor Board 2.0 allows radiologists to upload their patient records to the same dashboard where patient files from other disciplines in the cancer care team are stored.

The partnership is said to combine Roche expertise in advanced lab testing and the GE Healthcare capabilities in medical imaging and monitoring to offer an ecosystem of workflow solutions and apps on an industry-first shared integrated diagnostics platform.

Roche and GE Healthcare intend to design products to allow seamless integration and analysis of comprehensive lab and medical imaging data, patient records, medical best practice, real time monitoring and the latest research outcomes.

Initially, the new version of Navify Tumor Board is supplied to the customers in the US and Canada, and will be expanded to other markets in near future.

GE Healthcare Imaging president and CEO Tom McGuinness said: “Workflows around tumour boards can be inefficient, and we hope this single, holistic dashboard – including patient data and images – will enable oncology teams to align more quickly on the most optimal diagnosis and treatment plan for the benefit of each patient.”