As per the agreement, Cunningham will handle exclusive new England distribution of RMD’s Navigator system and gamma surgical probes for advanced cancer detection and evaluation for targeted therapy

RMD general manager Mark Caldwell said that he was excited that Cunningham Woodland is distributing their Navigator GPS line of products which provides gamma localisation of tissue during surgery.

“The system and mapping probes are intended for use in localizing suspected cancer lesions not visible with other imaging modalities, providing early detection and evaluation of disease extent,” Caldwell said.

“We think the combination of their reputation and marketing horsepower, together with our Navigator GPS product line, will be a winning combination in this critical segment of the cancer surgery market.”

RMD medical products general sales manager Jim Lovejoy said that Cunningham has been serving the New England market for over 25 years and is a respected distributor in this important region.

“Our present product portfolio and positive reputation in the surgical community, including relationships with the operating room personnel, heads of specialties, and key surgeons, is a good match for the Navigator product line,” Lovejoy said.

Cunningham Woodland president George Woodland said that they are thrilled to be representing a local manufacturer with state of the art technology, extensive research and development and a product line that benefits both the patient and the surgeon.