The patents cover technology that can help protect the public against the risk of nuclear terrorism by providing greater sensitivity in security scanning systems.

The same technology can also help doctors improve patient outcomes, by accurately locating cancer cells for targeted therapy through higher resolution medical imaging, with lower radiation doses.

Dynasil CEO Craig Dunham said these patents further enhance Dynasil’s position in the rapidly growing security scanning and medical imaging marketplaces.

Nine of these new patents primarily relate to scintillator materials (US patent numbers 7,655,919, 7,696,482, 7,700,920, 7,723,687, 7,755,054, 7,759,645, 7,772,558, 7,847,262, and 7,854,961), which are at the heart of instruments and systems used to sense radiation, determine its energy, identify its source and therefore enable the detection, measurement and imaging of radiation in medical, security and industrial settings.

The other two granted patents (US patent numbers 7,828,926 and 7,692,156) are for new scintillator manufacturing methods to optimize their performance and costs, for widespread use in homeland security, medical and commercial applications.