The company claims that SoftView Enhanced Chest Imaging increases the clarity of digital chest X-ray images by suppressing bone and providing a soft tissue image for more confident image interpretations. The practical enterprise-wide solution uses existing X-ray equipment, providing a soft tissue image for digital chest X-rays.

OnGuard Chest X-ray CAD identifies solitary pulmonary nodules on a chest X-ray, which could represent early-stage lung cancer. With universal PACS connectivity and seamless integration into the radiologist’s existing workstation, OnGuard is said to be a quick and easy tool in the fight against lung cancer. A recent study demonstrates that OnGuard can detect almost 50% of lung cancers that were missed in the initial interpretation, claims the company.

Diane Hirakawa, chairman and CEO of Riverain, said: “Our technologies turn a century-old medical procedure, the chest X-ray, into a more precise, versatile solution for detecting medical conditions.We create solutions that are practical, safe and improve the detection of diseases early, when it really counts.”

Andre Dugas, COO of Christie, said: “Christie is really proud to partner with Riverain. “This novel bone removal and CAD solution bolsters and valuably complements our broad radiology product portfolio. It fits on any PACS, with any radiographic chest image from any source, providing a global, cost effective tool for lung disease detection and evaluation.”