Rheonix president Tony Eisenhut said they now have a data set which supports their fully automated diagnosis of bloodstream infection from whole blood using theirr Rheonix CARD platform in a new application, termed SeptiCARD.

"SeptiCARD is able to analyze whole blood for the presence of Septicemia agents within a three-hour period, a speed unmatched in current diagnostic procedures," Eisenhut said.

The Rheonix CARD system is also able to simultaneously perform multiplex assays on the same palm-sized disposable chip using advanced proprietary microfluidic technology. This feature allows simultaneous detection and validation in a single time-saving assay.

SeptiCARD uses a dual-stage nucleic acid purification procedure designed to conduct multiplexed microbial detection for sepsis diagnosis.

The application is still in research phase and not yet FDA cleared for in vitro diagnostic use.