The ReFlex A+ Catheter provides the neurovascular specialist with a line of advanced access devices that can navigate into complex neurovascular anatomy, which may enable them to treat more patients than with currently available devices.

Reverse Medical clinical advisor Vitor Mendes Pereira said the ReFlex A+ Catheter will be useful in cases where accurate positioning is critical, such as during stent or aneurysm flow diverter implantation.

"The distal navigation and larger lumen size of the ReFlex enabled more effective aspiration, which should optimize acute stroke treatment," Pereira said.

Reverse Medical president and CEO Jeffrey Valko said the ReFlex A+ Catheter’s flexibility, microcatheter support, and kink resistance, with the largest internal diameter of any commercially available neurovascular access catheter are particularly important for enabling a wide range of dual microcatheter support without diminishing contrast infusion, and providing a platform for focal thrombi aspiration, minimizing distal emboli during thrombectomy in acute ischemic stroke patients.

The ReFlex A+ Catheter is approved for 4, 5 and 6 French sizes, with straight and multipurpose curve tip configurations.
Reverse Medical plans to immediately commence European and Asian commercialization through prominent international distributors, in territories that recognize the CE mark.