Resurrection Health Care has been using HealthPort’s Release of Information (ROI) service. The roll-out of RACPro Basic will take place in the coming months as the organization prepares for the permanent program.

“In addition to the full-service access to records and status documentation, through the seamless integration of the ROI and RACPro Basic systems, Resurrection chose HealthPort based on their long-term relationship with our operations management team and the comfort of knowing that we would deliver an exceptional product and support,” says Dale Speer, HealthPort Regional Director of Hospital Sales. “Our technology allows clients to have immediate access to information in a time when RAC makes that more important than ever before.”

“From our perspective, the combination of HealthPort’s ROI and RACPro Basic solved the need for all of our facilities to operate on a consistent solution that would foster organization, efficiency and effective use of technology to ensure that we are RAC-ready,” says Martin Judd, Vice President Professional Services at Resurrection Health Care’s Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center and Chair of the System’s RAC Steering Council.