The Alera and the accompanying ‘Unite’ wireless accessories introduce a new approach to the way a hearing aid receives sound from devices such as TVs, stereos, cell phones and computers.

ReSound said that the release of Alera and Unite marks a step forward in hearing solutions, achieving complete human/technology integration. Users are able to tune directly into their TV and connect their mobile phone to their hearing aid via Bluetooth technology. Users can participate in conversations while tuned into devices because environmental noise is not blocked out.

According to ReSound, as Alera uses 2.4 GHz wireless technology, it can be easily fitted without the use of a bulky device to connect the hearing aid to the fitting software. The AirLink fitting accessory is inserted into the USB port of a computer.

Laurel Christensen, chief audiology officer at ReSound, said: “Other wireless technologies used in the hearing industry require the user to wear inconvenient accessories around their neck. With Alera, there is no intermediary device, the signal goes directly to the hearing aid and users have complete freedom.

“Traditionally it has been hard for hearing aid users to connect directly to their TVs or telephones. Alera makes this easy, streaming the sound from these devices directly to their hearing aids. Alera will allow a user to be successful in more situations than ever, making their overall satisfaction with hearing aids that much higher.

“A big benefit for the hearing aid dispensers is the ability to fit Alera completely wirelessly. Gone are the days of hunting around for the right cables and the patient having to wear a hook around their neck. For the first time, fitting is directly from computer to hearing aid.”