The new masks from ResMed feature new InfinitySeal silicone cushion which take the shape of the unique facial contours of each patient to improve comfort and reduce leakage for maximum treatment efficacy.

According to ResMed, the masks have been developed following over three years of research and development.

The company says that hard-to-wear masks can affect the way patients sleep. Hence, the company had made the magnetic clips, which were popular in its masks, a standard feature.

Magnetic clips attached to it will help patients in putting on and taking off the masks easily. This has been added to full face masks as well.

ResMed claims that AirFit N20 fit comfortably on 99% of patients and AirFit F20 can fit on 97% of patients, regardless of the facial structure and age group.

ResMed CEO Mick Farrell said: "These new masks address two of the biggest catalysts for effective sleep apnea treatment: fit and comfort.

"Patients rate mask comfort as the number one reason that can help them stay on therapy.

“Not only are the F20 and N20 our most comfortable masks ever, they're easier and faster for clinicians to fit on patients the first time, helping more people suffering from sleep apnea adhere to this life-changing therapy."

The products are part of the company’s Air Solutions connected care portfolio which include Air10 flow generator devices and myAir and AirView monitoring tools which can help in improving patients’ use of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP).

The company is still awaiting the clearance for the masks from US Food and Drug Administration, but they are available at present in EMEA and Asia-Pacific.