AirFit F30, the latest addition to its AirFit mask portfolio, which helps sleep apnea patients reduce facial marks, wear glasses in bed and curl up closer to their bed partner.

AirFit F30 is available for sale now in the United States and Canada, and will be on display at the Medtrade Fall conference this week in Atlanta.

AirFit F30 fits 93 percent of patients, and features a minimal-contact cushion that sits just below the nose, preventing top-of-the-nose red marks and irritation, plus reducing feelings of claustrophobia for some full face wearers.

It also has ResMed’s QuietAir vent, making the mask quieter than ambient noise in the bedroom.

Nearly 2 to 1 patients preferred AirFit F30 over the current market leader in minimal-contact full face masks. When specifically asked about comfort, seal and ease of use, more patients picked AirFit F30 each time. AirFit F30 is also quieter than the current market leader, based on published performance (21 vs. 24 dBA),  with fewer sleep disruptions reported due to airflow.

ResMed’s Sleep business president Jim Hollingshead said: “AirFit F30 is a clear choice over other minimal-contact full face masks.

“We’re excited to now offer it, along with the rest of our full face, nasal and nasal pillows options, for an easy, comfortable, stable fit and a great night’s sleep.”

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Source: Company Press Release