The system is designed to standardise and simplify the transapical access and closure procedure, which is used for delivering therapeutic devices to the heart.

The heart surgery system features a conduit with proprietary technology inside that allows the conduit to be securely attached to the beating heart.

After attaching the conduit, surgeons can safely deliver therapeutic devices such as heart valves or left ventricular assist devices into the heart, without loss of blood or exposure to air.

Once the device is delivered and surgery is completed, the system closes and seals the access site with a biocompatible implant.

This technology has been licensed by Apica Cardiovascular, an Emory University startup company, which will further develop the system.

Apica Cardiovascular has completed a series of pre-clinical studies to evaluate the functionality of their device and its biocompatibility, and is planning to conduct research and pre-clinical trials in Atlanta, US.