“MedAssets continues to bring value to our customers by finding partners that bring quality and cost effective solutions,” stated Mark Miriani, president of MedAssets. “ReMedPar’s portfolio of products includes a wide range of innovative solutions from fully capitated parts contracts, online ordering systems to world class training in many diagnostic imaging modalities.”

“Our newly signed partnership with MedAssets is a testament to our commitment to provide comprehensive value to our customers,” said Rob Piconi, President and Chief Executive officer of ReMedPar. “ReMedPar provides the broadest range of diagnostic imaging solutions in the industry, including quality tested and assured parts, training, technical support and web-based order fulfillment solutions. Our quality, cost and delivery is unmatched in the marketplace – the ReMedPar Team is excited to bring these capabilities to bear for MedAssets and their customer base.”

ReMedPar is a provider of aftermarket parts for diagnostic imaging and biomedical equipment.