Reflect Scientific, Inc. (Symbol: RSCF), a provider of diverse products and services for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and transportation industries, announces a recently awarded patent for a cryogenic modular shipping unit that can reliably and uniformly maintain its payload at temperatures as low as -90 degrees Celsius, making it an ideal system for cold chain management of biologics like COVID 19 vaccines. The cryogenic system provides the customer with a capability of short or long duration bulk shipping and may also be used for long term storage.

The commercially available Cryometrix S-90 shipping system eliminates managing loads of dry ice, waiting hours for the temperature to saturate the shipping container, and having little to no control over the products’ temperature during shipping. The Cryometrix S-90 bundles our innovative upright liquid nitrogen freezer technology with an onboard liquid nitrogen tank and power supply. You can ship up to 33.5 cubic feet of product (or 70,000 vials) at a controlled temperature between +20°C down to -90°C with a uniformity of ± 3°C.

The S-90 features state-of-the-art temperature and data logging that can be easily accessed through the touch screen or downloaded to a computer. Security issues are mitigated with 3 security levels and up to 30 users. Who can open the freezer is easily controlled along with, who can change the temperature set-point, and who can change the settings. Each Cryometrix shipping system is customizable to meet individual shipping needs. Whether it is going to be used for cross country shipping at -90°C or for short trips across a campus, the S-90 will give you ease and peace of mind in transporting valuable vaccines and biologics.

Cryometrix offers a comprehensive selection of cryogenic storage freezers, ultra low-temperature freezers, blast freezers, blood bank freezers, shipping containers, and transportation refrigeration units. Cryometrix freezing, cooling, and refrigeration systems use our revolutionary patented liquid nitrogen technology. Why use liquid nitrogen- because you eliminate the use of unreliable compressors, no Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s), low electrical energy usage and significantly reduced maintenance.

Source: Company Press Release