The radiotherapy department at Ninewells will replace its current TPS with RayStation, as its treatment planning system for conventional 3D-CRT treatments, as well as more advanced treatments, such as IMRT and VMAT.

The radiotherapy department at Ninewells Hospital will also implement dose tracking and adaptive planning using the dedicated tools available in RayStation, as well as investigating biological optimization and evaluation.

The order includes sophisticated solutions, such as multi-criteria optimization, enabling a more efficient treatment planning process.

Multi-criteria optimization is a highly intuitive tool that lets the clinician evaluate the impact of changing different treatment priorities in real-time, which has a large potential to speed up the time-consuming plan optimization process.

RaySearch CEO Johan Löf said the company established its UK sales and service office in the second half of 2013 and this has already resulted in the first customer order.

"Ninewells is an excellent clinic and we are of course thrilled that they have now become our first UK customer," Löf added.