The RayStation 3.0 is designed to allow the users to perform dose tracking which allows clinicians to perform accurate dose accumulation of any delivered or planned dose to any patient geometry using any combination of CT, MR, PET and 4D-CT data set.

RayStation 3.0, with adaptive replanning feature, allows clinicians to monitor the impact of a changing patient geometry as the treatment progresses, and adjust and reoptimize the treatment in the same system.

In addition to the new features, RayStation 3.0 includes full support for scripting using the IronPython language,allowing users to automate large parts of the treatment planning process which both has the potential to save time and improve consistency.

The company said scripting tools also enable extraction of any relevant patient data point thereby facilitating advanced studies of large amounts of patient data.

RayStation 3.0 also includes the reimplemented beam commissioning workspace and other tools which facilitate the beam commissioning process which minimizes the workload for the physics departments in the installation phase.

RaySearch CEO Johan Lof said the graphical interface and the workflow offer unrivalled usability but even more importantly RayStation offers support for the radiation treatments of the future such as fully adaptive, patient-optimized treatments.

"This development pace really sets us apart and we have the intention to continue at this pace to further extend our technological lead," Lof added.