Rofin’s solution incorporating Raydiance laser technology is the new StarCut Tube Femto, a system solution to offer ‘cold’ laser cutting for makers of life-saving medical devices such as cardiovascular stents.

The StarCut Tube Femto cuts sensitive materials such as gold, platinum, shape memory alloys and low-melting point polymers with high precision and cut quality, and no thermal effect. The capabilities will enable new medical device designs while improving quality and manufacturing costs on existing products.

Barry Schuler, chairman and CEO of Raydiance, Said: “We are seeing an explosion of innovation in the medical device market powered by Raydiance. But as customers move from design to manufacturing, they require 21st century solutions that integrate sophisticated motion control, beam delivery, visioning systems and software for their factory floors.

“Rofin is a bold innovator and the clear worldwide leader in integrated laser processing solutions. We are thrilled with Rofin’s decision to partner with Raydiance. This is a significant validation both for Raydiance and for ultrafast laser technology.”

Thomas Merk, COO of Rofin Laser Micro and Laser Marking, said: “Medical device manufacturing is just the beginning of the journey. There is a multitude of applications in various markets photovoltaic and microelectronic components, to name just two that will benefit from ultrafast cold laser ablation.

“And there is no doubt that Raydiance is the innovation leader in industrial-grade femtosecond laser technology. Their ability to deliver superior performance, reliability, and ‘smart’ software control is transforming this unique technology.”