Centricity OneView is comprised of two primary components – OneView Global Reading and OneView Single Patient Jacket.

OneView Global Reading manages clinical data and image sharing between multiple RIS and PACS in the background allowing radiologists to utilize existing workflow, tools and systems.

OneView Single Patient Jacket improves quality by providing access to a more comprehensive patient image set including local and outside images.

Radiology & Imaging Specialists chief technology officer David Marichal said they expect to be able to create one workflow for radiologists to improve productivity while enabling them to balance the workload across all radiologists, making better use of scarce sub-specialty radiologists.

"As opposed to the five PACS systems we use today, a single system will streamline the management and reading of our own exams as well as those sent to us from outside facilities. This will improve service and turnaround time for patients," Marichal said.