QuickMedical, a distributor of medical supplies and equipment, is set to distribute Winco Manufacturing's medical furnishings.

QuickMedical has an entire line of diagnostic equipment, exam tables, weighing and measuring devices, and medical basics such as stethoscopes, thermometers, and sphygmomanometers.

QuickMedical’s QM-Elite disposables and medical supplies are used for the clinic, hospital, or home care environment.

QuickMedical CEO Scott Hanna said Winco delivers comfort and quality with their complete line of medical furnishings from blood drawing chairs, exam tables and patient recliners to hospital privacy screens, transport chairs, rolling ring binder carts and recovery couches.

QuickMedical marketing director Loren Timmons said ideal for patient rooms, retirement homes, clinics and healthcare facilities, Winco furnishings may be custom fitted for a facility with a variety of upholstery color options available.