The results of the Shands study demonstrate that NIMBUS technology not only prevents rapid bacterial growth in gauze dressings saturated with heavy wound exudates but also eliminates the associated strong objectionable odor that is characteristic of bacterial contamination in such dressings.

The assessment involved direct comparison of standard gauze and BIOGUARD dressings on patents with very large, exudating wounds covering more than 70% of total body surface area.

In each case, the standard gauze bandages developed a metallic green color and strong odor characteristic of Pseudomonas aeruginosa within 24 hours of applying the bandage.

In marked contrast, BIOGUARD gauze bandages applied to wounds adjacent to the standard gauze remain white with no discoloration or other visible evidence of bacterial fouling.

Quick-Med‘s patented technology, NIMBUS, is an antimicrobial technology that has been custom designed for wound care and other medical applications.

NIMBUS received De Novo FDA clearance in 2009 and has been commercialized in traditional wound care applications.

NIMBUS technology is protected by 10 US patents and patents pending and 24 foreign counterparts.

Additional applications under development include advanced wound dressings, medical adhesives, and catheters.