The transition to ZOLL will be made region by region, 16 regions in total, with the first order already having been placed by Urgences-Santé, the EMS provider for the city of Montreal.

By standardizing on the ZOLL E Series, the province’s medical directors will now be able to use and compare similar patient data. During the clinical evaluation, the E Series scored the highest in the areas of data review and transmission. Real CPR Help feedback technology and See-Thru CPR were also cited as positive features for the delivery of high-quality CPR and reducing interruptions respectively.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services, in its desire to increase the quality of services offered in pre-hospital care for victims of sudden cardiac arrest, wanted to standardize its resuscitation technologies by offering advanced, high-performance equipment. The level of care that will be offered will be compatible with the American Heart Association (AHA) and the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Guidelines that place significant emphasis on CPR.

“ZOLL’s core focus is improving survival rates from SCA, and we’re extremely pleased that the government of Quebec recognizes how our advanced technology features in the E Series can help make that contribution possible,” said Richard A. Packer, chairman and chief executive officer of ZOLL.