QuantRx has been developing a platform of point-of-care (POC) devices to facilitate diagnosis of critical metabolic markers, such as those associated with thyroid disease, malignant cancers, therapeutic drugs and other medically relevant conditions, as part of its QN Diagnostics initiative. The company claims that this unique platform technology, which combines the sensitivity of our RapidSense technology with the ultra-portable Q-Reader, enables the use of any biological sample, such as blood, urine, vaginal fluids, or saliva, to deliver laboratory results to the primary care provider in minutes.

“MEDICA 2009 sets the stage for the debut of an new point-of-care system that is capable of significantly improving medical diagnostic procedures while potentially lowering healthcare costs,” said Walter Witoshkin, QuantRx Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Our products are intended to provide front-line information needed by healthcare professionals to aid timely diagnosis for earlier intervention and immediate treatment, which can limit the spread of the disease within the patient, while providing greater patient convenience.”

Dr. William H. Fleming, QuantRx Chief Scientific Officer, noted: “While we have had success with our positive/negative point-of-care tests, the combination of our existing RapidSense technology with our new reader presents for the first time the opportunity to quickly and cost effectively provide results to the healthcare practitioner that were previously limited to clinical laboratory testing. Based on the high level of interest that international distributors have expressed about our Q-Reader platform, we are preparing for an incredibly successful MEDICA 2009.”