The therapy, MicroPulse technology, works by electronically chopping the laser emission into trains of microsecond pulses.

Under the agreement, QUANTEL will be able to market and display IRIDEX’ MicroPulse technology for its range of high quality clinical lasers and gain broad market availability of MicroPulse photocoagulation lasers.

IRIDEX president and CEO Will Moore said there is a significant need in the market place for efficient and durable therapies for retinal diseases associated with the growth of diabetes and the aging population.

"With 10-year follow up data, a growing global user base, and significant patent protection, MicroPulse is emerging as a future standard of care," Moore added.

"Further establishing the MicroPulse brand and technology as an IRIDEX property is critical as the market continues to recognize its broad applicability for retina and other procedures.

"We look forward to working with others in the industry as it migrates toward a new standard for laser therapy in additional segments."