Telcare 3GM, currently in prototype phase, is designed to transfer blood glucose readings to a patient’s family members or physician with each test.

The Telcare 3GM glucose meter is designed to enable patients and caregivers to regularly monitor and respond to changes in an individual’s glucose levels.

The feedback loop provides diabetic people with a more flexible lifestyle, and provide them better control and management of the disease.

Qualcomm’s embedded IEM solutions for wireless machine-to-machine communications deliver support for the 3G technologies with integrated GPS, Bluetooth, voice, data and text capabilities, and motion sensors.

IEM’s compact size allows for easy integration into next-generation wearable devices.

Telcare CEO Jonathan Javitt said that using Qualcomm’s IEM technology, they are developing Telcare 3GM as an evolutionary leap beyond today’s glucose meters.

"Real-time engagement with caregivers is particularly beneficial for parents and family members looking after diabetic children and elderly people, where family support can mean the difference between a good day and a trip to the emergency room," Javitt said.