The new platform, which include QI674, QI695 and QI825 cameras, are said to provide effective CCD sensor technology, full flexibility over image readout patterns and signal binning along with deep coolingthat virtually eradicates dark current noise.

According to the firm, the new platform will present solutions for all the phases of device development.

The new QI OEM series cameras features low light imaging, intelligent quantification and enhanced image capture technology.

QImaging product manager Steven Smith said: "Instrument designers have traditionally considered high-quality scientific cameras only relevant for very expensive products.

"These new imaging instruments expand our comprehensive range of solutions for our customers who also now have a dedicated product development website to manage their projects at oemimaging.com."

QImaging has collaborated with imaging firm Photometrics to introduce an online OEM product development website for biomedical instrumentation builders. This new portal provides products and services from QImaging and Photometrics.

Image: QImaging QI674 OEM Camera. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.