The software was initially introduced with the Retiga R Series cameras and since then, the company claims to made significant updates with focus on being an effective tool for publication and documentation for researchers.

According to QImaging, the software is useful in daily research tasks, offering an easy user experience. The new version 1.1 has a range of features to be offered and it will be included with new cameras from QImaging.

Some of its features include simple design and customisation with ribbon style controls for easy navigation.

User-oriented explore and adjust features that let end users use Ocular like any other software. Images and movies can be saved and published with single click options.

Apart from these features, the company says that the software offers easy to use movie modes and saving functions.

QImaging product manager Rachit Mohindra said: "Ocular was built with one simple vision, to be the easiest image acquisition software for microscopy.

"Version 1.1 is a major milestone because it is based on customer feedback. Since its initial launch, we've added much more functionality and made improvements to workflow, decreasing the steps required to accomplish various imaging goals."

As per the company, it will continue to take customer feedback and add features and functionality to make Ocular, an important image-capture software for scientists.