Live cell

The new camera package, which combines Rolera Thunder EMCCD and optiMOS sCMOS cameras, helps researchers in addressing their imaging needs for different scientific applications.

Rolera Thunder features large pixels and offers low light capabilities with more than 90% quantum efficiency and can read noise less than 1e- using EMCCD technology.

The optiMOS has been developed for live cell imaging, which provides 100 frames per second (fps) at full resolution and up to 1,630 fps in a sub-region.

Rolera Thunder EMCCD camera can be used for super resolution microscopy such as STORM and PALM as well as single molecule fluorescence, TIRF and FRAP applications.

The optiMOS sCMOS can be used by cell biologists for live cell, multicolor fluorescence, while biophysicists for studying membrane dynamics and protein and lipid trafficking and neuroscientists for ion transport such as electrophysiology, calcium imaging and ratiometric imaging.

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Image: The Live Cell Imaging Package provides researchers with the sensitivity of EMCCD and the versatility of sCMOS camera technologies. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.