Under the terms of the agreement, Qiagen will receive kits for a PCR-based molecular assay for HIV-1 viral load testing in the US and Canada which will be commercialised under Qiagen’s brand.

The test will enable healthcare professionals to measure the viral load of HIV infections in patients.

Qiagen’s pipeline of US regulatory submissions is expeceted to include both the new HIV-1 test and the quantitative HBV (Hepatitis B) test by 2012.

In addition, Abbott will provide a quantitative HCV (Hepatitis C) test which will be optimised and labeled for use on Qiagen’s QIAsymphony RGQ instrument and marketed under the Abbott brand in the US and Canada.

Qiagen will supply Abbott with certain key products required for a PCR-based HPV (human papillomavirus) test in the US and Canada and the test will run on Abbott’s m2000 lab automation system which features throughput up to 96 samples per run.

Qiagen CEO Peer Schatz said that the agreement is a good strategic fit and it has the potential to accelerate dissemination strategy for the QIAsymphony RGQ by expanding their molecular diagnostic menu offering in the US with important testing options.