The new gastrointestinal panel includes viral coverage and provides Sample to Insight workflows to clinics in Europe and Australia.

The upgraded multiplex gastrointestinal panel detects the 24 most common viral, bacterial and parasitic pathogens that cause GI infections.

A respiratory panel for QIAstat-Dx analyzes 21 viral and bacterial pathogens including sub-types of influenza, coronaviruses, pneumonia and other targets, to differentiate the causes of acute respiratory tract infections.

The QIAstat-Dx system has already received CE-IVD marking along with the gastrointestinal and respiratory panels. It has also recently achieved registration in Australia and is being launched there.

Qiagen is planning to launch QIAstat-Dx system in the US next year. It also expects to introduce QIAstat-Dx multiplex test for meningitis, with CE-IVD marking, next year.

The company is also planning to develop deep assays for syndromic testing in oncology and other therapeutic areas.

Qiagen molecular diagnostics business area senior vice president Thierry Bernard said: “Hospitals, laboratories and clinics are embracing QIAstat-Dx as an easy-to-use, next-generation solution for reliable diagnosis of complex syndromes. With less than one minute of hands-on time and results in about an hour, a clinic assistant or technician can run multiple samples and gain reliable, highly sensitive molecular insights that differentiate the causes of respiratory or gastrointestinal syndromes.

“The simplicity of QIAstat-Dx brings the power of real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology close to the patient. A user just inserts a sample cartridge and walks away, and the instrument automatically handles all of the steps of multiplex molecular analysis – enabling the clinician to make informed treatment decisions.”

The company has recently launched new RNA-seq library preparation solutions for sequencing. The new technology enables faster, simpler library preparation for RNA sequencing.

A crucial element of this portfolio is the QIAseq FastSelect RNA Removal Kit which provides a new solution for scientists to target RNA types that are irrelevant to their research and remove them from RNA-seq libraries for next-generation sequencing (NGS).