OmicSoft provides software solutions, which allow scientists and researchers to effectively analyze and visualize their own data sets and compare them to massive volumes of publicly available omics data sets such as The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) operated by the US National Cancer Institute.

The solutions, which incorporate enterprise access and cloud-based resources, will enable researchers to manage compare and share the massive volumes of data on DNA, RNA and other biological variables generated with next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies.

OmicSoft offers three major solutions that aggregate content with software in the Array suite.

 Land technology will collect and manage large public data sets in curated knowledge bases in fields such as cancer genomics (OncoLand), cardiovascular, metabolic and immunology (DiseaseLand) and genetic research (GeneticsLand).

Array Server software will offer enterprise back-end solution for project management, sample management, data storage and access to the Land databases

Array Studio software will provide graphical user interface to browse, analyze and visualize data from NGS sequencing, microarray and other technologies.

The acquisition will add Qiagen with additional features to manage, analyse and share both primary data and analyzed results, as well as expands its range of translational and clinical applications.

Qiagen CEO Peer Schatz said: “The addition of OmicSoft to Qiagen portfolio of Sample to Insight solutions reinforces our position as the gold standard for analysis and interpretation of complex biological data across many different disciplines.

Qiagen bioinformatics business area head and senior vice president Dr Laura Furmanski said: “The OmicSoft team has deep expertise that will enable Qiagen to better support customers in managing vast data sets and gaining actionable insights for discovery and translational research."