Qardio CEO Marco Peluso said instead of having to adapt patients’ life to sensors and medical devices, they now have a medical tracking system that fits effortlessly into their life.

"We have created technologies and solutions that make healthcare personal, the way it should be, and we are very excited by the impact that this can have on the lives of many people," Peluso added.

QardioCore comes with a core strap that can be worn every day and delivers user-friendly continuous monitoring of EKG (ECG, electrocardiogram), heart rate, physical activity and skin temperature.

Offering a small and practical design, users can clip it on underneath clothing in a few seconds, following which it gets automatically turned on and connects to a smartphone.

QardioArm is a streamlined blood pressure monitor device, claimed to provide a quality design and user experience.

The QardioArm measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate, offering convenience for patients to monitor on a daily basis.

QardioArm and QardioCore can be connected wirelessly to iOS device and the Qardio secure, integrated digital platform.

Once data is uploaded automatically, it can be shared with doctors. The data is accessible on Qardio’s consumer iOS app and a doctor’s dashboard, both of which automatically translate it into understandable charts to give in-depth idea about the patients’ cardiovascular health condition.

The products are expected to be available later this year.