Purigen Biosystems has launched Ionic Cells to Pure DNA Kit to enable the extraction of increased yields of concentrated DNA.

The kit is meant to enable users of Ionic Purification System to extract increased yields of high-quality DNA from white blood cells (WBCs), peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), and cultured or sorted cells.

According to Purigen, Ionic Cells to Pure DNA Kit aims to support the company’s existing clients who work with FFPE tumor tissue and use blood cells as a control.

It also allows for large yields of DNA extraction from samples comprising 50,000 to 5 million cells and reliably delivers greater DNA concentrations than other existing techniques.

The workflow also reduces the requirement for sample concentration before using downstream analytical techniques like next-generation sequencing.

Purigen’s kit can be used to assess immune cells, save DNA for biobanks, and perform genetic profiling on cultured and FACS sorted cells.

The firm said that the kit is based on Purigen’s Ionic Purification System to allow more automated extraction of pure and abundant nucleic acids from a wide range of sample types, including fresh, frozen, and FFPE tissue.

Purigen sales and marketing senior vice president Chris Grimley said: “We are excited to offer the new Ionic Cells to Pure DNA Kit, which was developed based on direct feedback from our customers.

“This kit extends the workflow and performance advantages of the Ionic Purification System to cells, enabling scientists to expand their use of Ionic beyond FFPE tissue and perform comparison studies with normal WBC or PBMC control samples, all on a single platform.”

The Ionic Cells to Pure DNA Kit has six chips and a reagent set that includes all the enzymes and buffers needed to extract DNA from 48 samples.