Puracyn Plus Professional Formula is a next generation wound irrigation and management solution designed to improve the most essential part of the wound treatment process: preparation of the wound bed.

This pH-balanced, sterile solution is used in conjunction with wound irrigation, debridement and dressing procedures that set the stage for optimum healing conditions.

Puracyn Plus Professional Formula supports the removal of wound debris and contaminants from partial or full thickness acute and chronic dermal lesions such as:

1st and 2nd degree burns

Stage I – IV pressure ulcers

Diabetic and stasis ulcers

Abrasions and minor skin irritations

Post-surgical wounds

Surgical procedures as a final rinse before closure

Grafted and donor sites

Puracyn Plus Professional Formula is also indicated for moistening and lubricating absorbent wound dressings.
"There are many uses for Puracyn Plus technology," says Innovacyn CEO Bob Burlingame, "and we are excited to help people in more settings with this broad indication approval in Canada."

Canadian medical supply distributor, The Stevens Company, has already added Puracyn Plus to their portfolio of wound care products.

"We are continually searching for unique products poised to revolutionize healthcare and provide better patient outcomes.

To that end, we have redoubled our efforts in the wound care sector and anticipate Puracyn Plus to be a great fit in our Wound Innovation Platform," says David Donnelly, Vice President of Sales at The Stevens Company.