Proteome Sciences is set to receive EUR530,058 for its contribution to the ‘DENAMIC’ project - which aims to develop tools and methods to monitor neurotoxic effects of environmental contamination that may cause adverse effects on cognitive skills and developmental disorders in children.

The DENAMIC project has been awarded a EUR6.99m EU Framework 7 Grant to monitor the effects of environmental pollutants that cause neurological disorders including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, autism and anxiety disorders in children, over the next two years.

Proteome Sciences will study the effects of neurotoxic chemicals on proteins, peptides and biochemical pathways in cell models and tissue to create a database of protein biomarkers linked with chemical exposure.

The study will be undertaken with mass spectrometry using TMT labelled peptides and from which biomarker assays will be developed.

This approach enables validation of protein biomarkers with relatively high throughput, avoiding the need of immunoassay development, and having the advantages of being able to verify biomarkers when antibodies are unavailable.