Hartley brings with him an experience in research and development in medical device and pharmaceutical industries, including quality control, medical writing and regulatory compliance.

Prior to joining Protectus, Hartley served as a clinical data auditor and has held senior level clinical research associate positions at several major pharmaceutical companies.

Hartley is expected to establish the Protectus medical advisory board, oversee quality control, compliance and assurance, and serve as a medical spokesperson helping to establish Protectus as the provider of medical safety devices, such as its patented Safety Syringe.

Hartley will be involved with a broad range of its Safety Syringes, including, the Safety IV Catheter (patent-pending) and Safety Dental Syringe (patent pending).

Protectus said that the Safety Syringe is a fully automatic, self-sheathing safety hypodermic syringe that currently meets all US Federal Government and OSHA mandates designed to protect both healthcare workers and patients alike.

The Safety Syringe is designed to reduce or eliminate accidental needlestick injuries that have plagued the healthcare workplace for decades.

Protectus CEO and president John Salstroms said that Hartley would bring unmatched experience, passion, and commitment toward achieving the goal of developing the safest needle devices in the healthcare workplace.