Peter Schulz-Knappe, CSO and executive vice president of diagnostics at Protagen, said: “Also classical infectious disease diagnostics can benefit from UNIarray, the proprietary technology platform of Protagen for the determination of indication specific autoantibody signatures in serum.

“Within the scope of a mutual feasibility study performed with Mikrogen, we were able to show that infection specific reactions of the immune system are accompanied by the generation of specific autoantibodies which are very useful for diagnostic developments.”

Erwin Soutschek, co-founder and MD of Mikrogen, said: “The cooperation with Protagen secures Mikrogen the access to an important and novel technology platform. Our aim is the jointly development and marketing of characteristic marker panels for differential diagnosis of relevant infectious diseases.”

Protagen is an international provider in the fields of in vitro diagnostics and GMP-compliant protein analysis. The innovations of Protagen are UNIarray, a technology platform for the development of serum based diagnostics, as well as UNIchip, a versatile product family of protein microarrays for faster development of antibodies.