FuGENE HD allows life scientists to utilise FuGENE technology with no licensing requirements. It is used for the biopharmaceutical drug discovery. It is said to enable the transfection of DNA into many cell types with high efficiency and little-to-no toxicity.

According to Promega, FuGENE HD, being free of animal-derived components, can also be used for protein or virus manufacturing at bench-level research to full-scale biologics production.

Promega said that the technology easily integrates with the sensitive luciferase reporter assays and other cell-based reporter systems offered by it including HaloTag technology for protein manipulation and the GloSensor live-cell sensor technology.

Promega strategic marketing manager Kevin Kopish said that pairing this gene delivery technology with luciferase reporter assays and other relevant Promega detection technologies is expected to enable manipulation of biological models that better represent native biological systems of interest.