Prior to joining the company, Cassigneul served as board vice chairman and president and chief executive officer of a molecular diagnostics company XDx, which is focused on non-invasive gene expression testing.

He also held various roles in the diagnostics division at Becton Dickinson, Bayer Diagnostics, Ortho Diagnostic Systems (Johnson & Johnson) and Abbott Laboratories as well as served on the board of the Personalized Medicine Coalition.

Cassigneul said Predictive’s novel approach and compelling clinical data from several multi-center clinical trials have resulted in significant adoption of the CertNDx bladder cancer assay in the urology community.

"I believe the CertNDx tests have the potential to greatly improve the diagnosis and management of bladder cancer," Cassigneul added.

"We will be evaluating opportunities for in vitro diagnostic kit development and expansion into the primary care market.

"This novel approach of stratifying patients is being utilized to develop CertNDx tests for prostate cancer."