The Conf-ID-ent system utilizes bar coding technology to provide automated patient identification for blood transfusion, specimen collection and tracking.

The Conf-ID-ent system includes a form with one matching insert card for a blood wristband and 18 matching bar code labels to identify draw tubes, patient chart, transfusion requisition and used as a secondary label on blood bags.

The inpatient and outpatient blood bands are made of a soft, latex-free, Phthalate-free material to provide patient comfort and safety.

Precision Dynamics – St. John marketing manager Karen Joseph said making the move to bar coding for transfusion patient identification has an impact on staff efficiency and the prevention of errors.

"For starters, hospitals using bar coding only need one-person verification instead of using valuable caregiver time to wait for another nurse to perform the two-person verification process required for the non-automated identification method," Joseph added.