The Grab ‘n Go Digital Advanced Oxygen System is the first FDA-cleared system that provides audible and visible alarms that alert health care providers when a tank’s oxygen level is low. Additionally, the tank’s digital readout indicates how much time is left until the cylinder is empty. These innovations help ensure timely cylinder change-out, assisting patient care during transport.

The alarms on the Grab ‘n Go Digital are activated via an advanced gauge that calculates the time remaining by sensing changes in cylinder pressure.

When the cylinder pressure drops below 300 psig, a visible alarm indicator on the side of the gauge face, along with an audible alarm, will activate. The unit’s five-year battery, with battery life indicator located on the gauge, is checked and tested at every refill by Praxair.

"Grab ‘n Go has become the primary oxygen-delivery system for many health care facilities because it saves valuable personnel time otherwise spent searching for and tracking ancillary equipment required to operate traditional oxygen cylinders," said Janet Coffman, global business development director, Praxair Health Care Services.

"With Praxair’s all-in-one system, costly regulator maintenance, repairs and change-outs are unnecessary and the company maintains the unit as part of the cylinder-filling process."

The Grab ‘n Go line is a self-contained system that streamlines the oxygen delivery process by eliminating the need for a separate regulator, flow meter, cylinder wrench and special valve seal.

In use by the majority of Praxair-supplied customers and numerous other health care facilities, the oxygen cylinder with built-in regulator, flow-control valve and contents gauge allows medical personnel to easily adjust oxygen flow with the turn of a dial and to verify contents at a glance.