The Attrius PET scanner is designed for cardiac optimized PET imaging. It received FDA 510(k) approval recently. It also offers standard whole body imaging capabilities. Due to the recent molybdenum shortage, whole body imaging with sodium fluoride is becoming a viable and relevant alternative to SPECT imaging. Positron’s Tech-Assist is a portable dose administration system that reduces worker exposure during PET injection applications, including FDG, sodium fluoride for whole body bone imaging, as well as, new F-18 agents that are injected by a syringe.

“The Society of Nuclear Medicine meeting exceeded all our expectations. The radiation exposure protection provided by the Tech-Assist has become a necessity and now a true priority for all. We received tremendous interest for the Attrius as Cardiac PET has become the standard in nuclear cardiology. The Attrius also saw interest for whole body bone imaging with sodium fluoride,” stated John Zehner, COO of Positron Corporation. “The reoccurring Molybdenum shortage is causing the industry to demand alternatives, such as PET. It was apparent based on customer interaction that our product and service strategy is aligned perfectly with ongoing industry needs. Positron products are positioned as important enablers in the growth of the industry.”