Easy Check has two primary products under development which include the Easy Check breath glucose detection system and the iGlucose wireless communication device.

The Easy Check breath glucose test is a non-invasive glucose detection system that measures acetone levels in a patient’s exhaled breath. The association between acetone levels in the breath and glucose is well documented, but previous data on the acetone/glucose correlation has been insufficient for reliable statistics.

Easy Check’s iGlucose system, uses wireless SMS messaging to automatically communicate a diabetic’s glucose readings to the iGlucose online database. iGlucose is intended to provide, real-time data to improve diabetes management and help ensure patient compliance, data accuracy and insurance reimbursement.

In addition, PositiveID believes that the iGlucose wireless communication device is used to address the Medicare requirement for durable medical equipment manufacturers and pharmacies to maintain glucose level logs and records for the millions of high-frequency diabetes patients.

Benjamin Atkin, the founder of Easy Check Medical Diagnostics, said: “By joining forces with PositiveID and leveraging their experience in bringing products to market, we will be able to accelerate the path to commercialization for our Easy Check breath glucose test and our iGlucose communication device.”

Scott Silverman, chairman and CEO of PositiveID, said: “As we continue the development of our glucose-sensing microchip with Receptors, we believe the acquisition of the intellectual property and assets of Easy Check Medical Diagnostics, provides complementary, non-invasive testing products and wireless communication tools that can position us as a significant player in diabetes management.”